Lone Moor Road




‘Lone Moor Road’ by Joe England is a moving grasping story of a young child Ryan Robson visiting Derry with his mother and siblings during the height of The Troubles in 1973. The young Ryan conveys his experiences of the visit with honesty, sincerity and naivety throughout the first half of the book before he revisits Derry as a successful author fifty years later in the second half.

“Lone Moor Road is a vivid snapshot of an innocent kid on holiday struggling to process and come to terms with the Troubles in early 1970s Ireland.” Raymond Gorman (That Petrol Emotion)

“This is a story about innocence – innocence as the true realism. Delivered with author Joe England’s trademark warmth and empathy, Lone Moor Road focuses on the deeper connections that exist beyond human division. From the cheeky chappy of his boyhood to the cheerful chap he becomes, the narrator of this fine tale is strong enough to main that innocence, and with it his honesty.” John King (The Football Factory)

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