Preservation Project 010




We have a limited amount of copies of the Preservation Project 010 unknown artist release of two songs ‘How Do You Do What You Do’ & ‘Tell Me.’

Please email if you’d like a grape coloured copy £30 inc vat

“Thick and funky as the swamps of Louisiana our 10th release is a double-sider with plenty of SOUL. Both sides of this 7” are credited to an Unknown Artist. “How Do You Do What You Do” on Side A is a funk number with a hot pants into bubbling bass, and a funky breakdown. Lots of fun, and super danceable. Although it’s hard to pick a side on this 7″, the ballad “Tell Me” may just be the winner! This track has it all – starting slow and building falsetto, screaming and wailing, and heartfelt lyrics about trying to convince a woman to love the singer and not another man.”



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Weight .05 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 1 cm