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The second of the trio of albums by the Julian Nicholas Band entitled ‘Cost Of’ is now available to purchase. The album is limited to 100 copies only and is available on 30 GSM reverse white board printed full colour. The three sleeves for the albums all sync together to complete the artwork of Kavel Rafferty.

You can buy the second album with the third or the first and third albums

“The recordings to be heard on ‘Cost of’, the second of this triptych of vinyl releases from Cordial Recordings: My basement flat at 8a Powis Square was a regular gathering point for music making of all kinds, and also the recording studio for ‘Heavy Plant Crossing’, temporarily installed by Colin Walker. These tracks are generated within an organic composing approach with the aid of sampling, looping, midi triggers from audio, and multi-tracking. Thad and Mike (also on Square Groove) went down first, and layers were built up thereafter – but that is not to say that I didn’t already have a chart for the overall compositions… I did, but of course, how we arrived there was with an open mind and flexible approaches, as inputs influenced the structures.” Julian Nicholas, 2023

Side A

There’s Nowt So Queer As Folk / Weeping And Wayning / Hard Hats

Side B

James / Let’s Assume It’s So / Give Way

‘Love’ by Julian Nicholas Band

“The music I made in Brighton in 1995 incorporated ‘World music’ and fusion elements and technologies designed to be accessible AND improvised – inspired in parts by West African percussion, South African jazz, early ‘Weather Report’ and Miles Davis. 

The ‘core’ band are colleagues from London and Brighton. They are ‘jazz’ musicians with listening ears, open to broad influences and inspirations. We were also touring a set of my compositions nationally through the ‘90s. 

Terry Seabrook – keyboards / Thad Kelly – double bass / Mike Pickering – drums / Dawne Adams – congas and hand percussion / Julian Nicholas – tenor & soprano saxophones, penny whistle & zoom’ effects 

With our esteemed guests, Nigerian batá drummers Séwànú ‘T.J.’ and Adé, I went on to develop 6 compositions I titled ‘Leaf Storm’, after Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the magic-realist novelist. You can also hear Geoff Hearn striking up in the background on soprano sax at some stages, Danny D’Azevedo on shakers, and Gareth McGahan is the icing on the cake, with mbira, kora and berimbau. This recording was made by Colin ‘Wizz’ Walker in exceptional circumstances: my core community came together to stage a child-friendly event for the Rockinghorse Appeal (our neighbours, the Royal ‘Alex’ Children’s Hospital) in 1995, 96 and 98. We did play my tunes that evening, too. However, these two sides of vinyl consist of a 45-minute improvised groove – going wherever the musicians wanted to take it – or simply listen to each other. We visit Abdullah Ibrahim’s ‘Homecoming Song’ briefly. Indeed, I take a complete break in one stretch so as to fully absorb the magical atmosphere of the goings on all round, just outside my front door, on this balmy night in August 1995. ” Julian Nicholas 2023




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Julian Nicholas Band

Cost of, Cost of and Love, Rising and Cost of and Love