My Fiery Eyes


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My Fiery Eyes is a collection of poems by Jane McGrath and is a limited print run of 100 copies.

“My Fiery Eyes is a collection of the poems that I have written in response to how well those first utterings were received. Warmed by a coal fire and cushioned with myth, magic and hypnotic galloping drums, the poems have mostly risen in excited spurts.

Sometimes I wonder where on earth they come from – but like all good stories they clearly have a life of their own.

This small offering contains three sections:

The first presents the poems that seemed to come from nowhere, perhaps they are not even mine. I like to imagine that there is a fiery, unrequited romantic poet drifting around in me who sees the world in ways I never could. I am merely the vessel.

The second are responses to places I visited, written after purposefully watching the world – taking an active position as an aspiring poet. Exercises in seeing with different eyes.

The third are the poems that roll off of the tongue, speak in my own voice – autobiographical. I am a proud working-class woman, there were not too many of us at The School of Myth and it says something about my love of life that a girl from Wandsworth (who left home at 15) made it through the doors. And even more that I was so warmly welcomed. I write these for myself and for my friends. They are my way of telling stories that matter to me. They generally go down rather well.” Jane McGrath

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