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Ron Rush was raised in Birmingham, Alabama before relocating to Detroit, Michigan at the age of 14. After a period in the army Ron moved to San Diego, California at the end of the sixties and has been there ever since. As a recording artist he released his debut 45 single with Eddie Gross, under the name of Rush & Gross on the local label Radio City Records in 1969. Both sides of the 45 were written by Ron, with ‘City of Soul’ on the A Side and ‘Love Power’ on the flip. Ron then released his first and only solo single ‘Cloudy For Me’ and ‘Cold Cold Man’ on his own label Aidco. This was followed with The Brothers Aquarius solitary release of ‘Unity’ and ‘Born In Georgia’ on Aidco too.

Ron was working with a whole host of local based musicians and singers within his own recording studio. Amongst these were the collective of likeminded souls that Ron gave the name of Seaquence to. The name came to Ron whilst having a brainstorm with the band’s lead singer Thomas Washington. The first Seaquence release on Aidco was the 45 of ‘Disco Thing’ and ‘Our Love,’ which was released in 1977. The group didn’t release anything else until 1980 when the album ‘Mix Faze’ was released on Aidco. This was recently re-pressed by our friends at High Jazz Records. Later on in 1983 Ron released a 12” dance single as Ron Rush & The Aidqueen Movement with ’Baby’ and ‘Visions’ on Aidco. This was shortly followed up by the now in-demand album by Pierre entitled ‘You Lied,’ this was the final vinyl release on Aidco. Ron continued working from his studio base until he retired, but if you ask him he’s never retired.

Fast forward to 2019 and a reel to reel tape of ten songs were placed up for auction by Carolina Soul, included on the tape were 5 previously unreleased songs and 5 songs that were included on ‘Mix Faze,’ with 3 of the songs being slightly different versions. We decided that we would enter into the bidding because we liked the songs and thought that they deserved a wider platform. We also believed that we could locate Ron and hopefully do a deal if successful. Amazingly we won the auction and the tape was heading to the UK. A friend called Anders Beraha, who was originally from San Diego before moving to his current home in Copenhagen, had recently spent some time with Ron. An introduction was made to Ron and we chatted about releasing the songs in partnership. Ron was thankfully in agreement to this plan and a contract was signed. Two of the recordings had featured on the High Jazz release so we had to wait until that contract had finished before we could release this album. In agreement with Ron we decided upon ‘Visions Of My Love’ as name of the album, which we felt was the strongest of the unreleased songs. The album was recorded in October 1976 at Studio West in San Diego and is thought to pre-date the later recordings on ‘Mix Faze.’ Cordial Recordings hope that you enjoy this album as much as we do.


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