From the first fuzzed out note of guitar on this record you’ll know you’re dealing with two heavy instrumental Psychedelic Funk sides. For our 14th regular release, we reached back into our acetate archive to bring you the never heard before Chordata. This recording seems to be related tangentially to Mancefield & Brother Man Band. And though we believe the group is likely from NJ/NY, we haven’t been able to pin it down.

“Super Dynamite” on the a-side features heavy guitar work, punchy horn stabs and arrangements, and heavy percussion. And what great Funk song doesn’t have a drum break? Two thirds of the way through the side, Chordata delivers a pure drum and percussion break that extends while the guitar player and horns add a discordant layer to the mix.

The b-side, “What It Is” takes us on a jazzy trip that is like a group of teenagers dropping acid and trying to recreate a mix of Miles Davis’ “Bitches Brew” and a lost Funkadelic session. It’s heavy, sonic, drenched in sweat, and amazing. The guitar player goes off on this side and is the focus. And while this is a less accessible recording, it might end up being your favorite side after repeated listens.

Safe to say, PP014 is a can’t miss for fans of Funk.



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